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Each HARDTMUTH fountain pen is made of the finest materials and all its parts undergo a thorough check. If in spite of that you happen to find out that your HARDTMUTH fountain pen is defective in any way, please contact the closest shop (see the boutique section). To claim the guarantee provided by HARDTMUTH you will be asked for a warranty certificate, properly filled in, signed and stamped by the authorised shop.

The international HARDTMUTH guarantee applies to material defect and manufacturing. HARDTMUTH will put right the defects free of charge, if they occur within two (2) years from the date of purchase. After the guarantee period, HARDTMUTH will repair defective products or parts of the products in accordance with the pricelist of repairs.

The international HARDTMUTH guarantee does not apply to damage caused by accident, incorrect manipulation, regular wear and tear, adjustments of the product, disassembling of the product by other than HARDTMUTH authorised specialists and using other parts not recommended by the HARDTMUTH Company.

This guarantee entitles the customers with specific legal rights; customers can have as well additional rights.

writing with the pen

When writing with the pen, keep the recommended angle between the pen and the writing mat.

Each of the HARDTMUTH fountain pen points is made of high-grade materials, fabricated in a sophisticated craftsman manner and hand-burnished. The HARDTMUTH fountain pen points are fixed solid I a pen’s body and interchanging them for a pen point from a different producer is not possible.

All points are of breadth B irrespective of the surface finish of the point. Their warranty is for 24 months in regular use. If a defect of the point occurs during this time, the producer guarantees its replacement.

re-filling of the pen

  1. Unscrew the upper cover of the pens body.
  2. Turn the top part of the filling mechanism clockwise up to the end, since the rest of the ink from the pen’s mechanics may remain in the pen and it leaks out this way.
  3. Dip the pen point into the ink and fill the ink fountain by an anti-clockwise movement of the filling mechanism.
  4. Let 1-2 drops fall back into the ink container to make the mechanics sufficiently loosen.
  5. Using a cloth wipe the fountain pen point clean of any ink which has remained during the filling.

cleaning the pen

Clean the pen regularly approximately every three months. If the pen does not get used for a longer period, the ink may dry inside the ink supplying system possible causing a partial or full blockage. Conversely, to prevent a spontaneous ink leak from the pen’s mechanics try to fill the fountain pen regularly with ink at least once a month.

Clean the pen as shown in the picture with clean lukewarm water without any further chemical addition. After washing, dry the pen with a clean grease-free cloth to minimize the drying of any ink on the pen’s surface. Fully preventing the drying of the ink both inside the pen’s mechanics and on its surface is virtually impossible, however the pen’s working life can be extended by regular maintenance.


Spontaneous ink leaks from the pen’s mechanics during a flight are a regular problems with using any fountain pens. The difference of the static pressure inside and outside of the compartment causes ink to be drawn out of the pen.

To avert this effect, try putting the fountain pen in a vertical position with the point up during your journey and emptying a part of the ink from the fountain before your flight.

pen surface care

The HARDTMUTH fountain pens are made of high-grade black material, which ensure its shape and is resistant against undesirable scratches compared to other surfaces. Nevertheless, try to protect the pen against any unwelcome damage by using an appropriate protective cover, preferably a solid case.

Neither heat nor aggressive chemicals should be used when cleaning the pen’s surface. All you need is a clean dry cloth moistened in clean lukewarm water.